Sunday, 12 June 2011


While I was in work today I found myself deep in thought about lightening. I was standing on the door, staring out at the rain waiting for some people to come to come in so I could greet them. “Hello welcome to American Apparel, could you please put your umbrella in the umbrella bin?”

However, because it was raining so bad not very many people came into the store, which led to me not having a whole lot to do. Generally in this situation I like to pretend I’ve studied ballet or something and do all these very elegant movements with my legs while trying my darn hardest to make it look effortless and casual. Most of the time I hope that maybe someone across the street might just look over and think ‘ oh, that girl must have been a dancer, such grace.’ Not today though, by the time my hour on the door came I was coming down from a caffeine buzz and was feeling very pensive.

Lightening is mental.

Like really mental. It’s electricity. IN THE SKY. Are the words “electrical storm” absolutely terrifying to anyone else? Think of the fear that you have after you’ve received a shock from touching someone/something. You’re scared to touch it but then, you also really want to touch it again, just to see if it will happen. You find yourself in a solo game of truth and dare, except it’s only dare, which in normal circumstances would make for a pretty rubbish game, but in that moment you are a big time dare devil! Your hand is moving forward and pulling back, moving forward and pulling back, the occasional fist will probably be made. And then suddenly you win and you touch it. But do you win? If you get another shock: you, are, out of there. No way will you touch that thing for at least an hour. 

Then I remembered hearing something about sheep once. Well I thought I’d heard something about sheep only I couldn’t really remember what it was and if I’d actually heard it or had just made it up. It had to do with how many sheep die each year in someplace, somewhere from being hit by lightening. Although I wasn’t sure if that was it, maybe they didn’t die, maybe it was however many sheep, in someplace, somewhere are struck by lightening but it just passes straight through them and into the earth. This all lead to me worrying about horses. I really don’t think it can be very safe for them to wear those little shoes.

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